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Marc Twang (aka Marcus O'Realius) is a gifted songwriter and a compelling performer. If you love the good fight, if you love the earth, if you love love, and if you find your tongue occasionally stuck in your cheek, then hold on and enjoy the ride! Marc's satirical perspective will make you laugh, while his poignant sketches of a world gone amok will still your soul. His songs present a challenging, original look at the tapestry and culture of the millenium age.

His credits include several albums, CD Singles, and "Original Folk," a compilation of American singer-songwriters performing their own songs...on Folkway Records, as well as the book, music and lyrics for a full-length musical, "Who Gives A Damn?" a social-political comedy concerning the fate of the earth itself. He is the founder of "The Automobile Moratorium," a grassroots organization dedicated to enacting international car-free days. In addition, you can browse his essays here, with subjects ranging from tobacco to revolution.


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