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Marc Twang goes all out in this 16 track homage to a generation of song-smithing and a couple of instrumentals to compliment this musical tour. From early morning optimism through peaks and valleys of perceptual wonder, forays into romanticism... then into the the depths of theological humility and skepticism. A tour de Force!


The Way It Is
album cover

Nine tracks make up Marc Twang's latest foray into the world of original music. "The Way It Is" melds personal and universal reality checks with sardonic irony, agile guitar pickin' and social imperative energy. Augmented by his band of more than twenty years, this album evokes quality from the first measures to the last blast of dissonant, chordal catharsis.

Original Folk - 2021
album cover

Hold on to your hats and hearts! Denise Deneaux powers home a song with rare passion and poise while Marc Twang hits a thematic high in his longing to escape the environmental brutality that we all on our planet are currently enduring.

Past Participles
album cover

Marc Twang’s latest musical endeavor includes 12 songs dated from his early evocations of romantic and existential energies. From 1970-1990 Twang wrote with virtual abandon. Using the mediums of quarter track, reel to reel tape, cassettes and early direct to hard drive recording Twang was able to lay down scores of songs and instrumentals. There is no holding back here in this imperfect, yet visceral testament to his musical and lyrical explorations.

Nothin’s The Matta'
album cover

In this latest EP Album Marc Twang reminds us despite our current political chaos and the Covid crisis that we must keep our eye on the ball...literally the earth itself! The damage we have done to the ecological balances on which we depend transcend the troubles in which we are currently embroiled. “Nothin’s The Matta” is Twang’s intimate, pungent and musical argument.

House Concert! 2019
album cover

Twang takes a new approach to his repertoire of original music in this CD adorned by 'one-paw clapping'...his audience of one...in the name of his house cat "Honey Pie." You're bound to enjoy Honey Pie's occasional comments as much as Marc's captivating original songs and instrumentals.

Positively Negative
album cover

Is the glass half-full, or half empty? Hopefully this ontological riddle is solved here in Marc Twang’s new EP (Existential Play) CD. The question according to Twang is not whether one sees the glass as half-full or half empty, but what is the nature of the contents glass itself! In the case of this production you will find 3 songs and a solo guitar instrumental covering a wide range of Marc’s perceptual field, and fanciful finger work on his vintage Harmony Sovereign Acoustic Guitar.

Lifetime Blues
album cover

Marc Twang sings and strums the blues as only he can in this hybrid song-instrumental layered with the mundanities of everyday life and his will to transcend the inertia with a effervescent, acoustic, slack-key romp into the joy of pickin' his ol' Harmony vintage guitar.

The Attic Tracks
album cover

An unusually personal, rough-edged solo performance of Marc Twang's more intimate thoughts, feelings and perspectives. Remastered from cassette recordings. Available at iTunes, Amazon and the usual digital outlets

Kidney Kid
album cover

Twang's tribute CD-Album is dedicated to his creative work since his kidney transplant over 16 years ago and the people who have made it possible.enjoy.

Solo Shots
album cover

Marc Twang celebrates his 30th CD with "Solo Shots." 14 new and old songs and instrumentals all performed on his acoustic guitars and harmonicas. The mood keeps shifting like life's capricious currents and demonstrates Twang's eclectic energies and styles. Groove to his instrumentals, then be roused to animated commentary and vivacious interpretations of the world we all strive to come to grips and, of course enjoy.

Best of Marc Twang
album cover

Marc Twang celebrates several decades of writing and recording with Volume I in his first Best Of release. A potpourri of songs going back to 1975 with themes ranging from abstract, introspective reflection to wry, satiric, social commentary characterize the 12 selections from his extensive repertoire. This CD is currently available only through Marc's website at: http://www.marctwang.com/order.html. However, many of the tracks can be downloaded from iTunes, Amazon and the usual digital outlets.

album cover
Twang and The Gang get together again in his new single...a story of an unemployed dreamer. The folky-pop tune marches along with earnest anger and angst, while gently giving way to a memorable and mellifluous chorus, embellished with Celia Ramsay’s spot on back-up vocals. Download now for only 99 cents at CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, and many other digital outlets. Don’t miss out on what could be Marc Twang’s first commercial hit!

Yes, There Will be Weather, Today!
album cover
Whether or not you are into the weather you will be musically and spiritually enriched by Marc Twang's 43 minute recording of his tribute to nature's most omnipresent phenomenon. Available now at your favorite digital outlets including: CD Baby, Amazon, and many others!

A Twang-Tune Trio!
album cover
Approaching 70 years old, Marc Twang tries to keep up with the times by offering 3 videos from his latest album. Check them out for an eclectic look at progressive optimism, natural savagery, and spiritual reverie. Download high quality MP3 Audio now at CD Baby, Amazon, and other digital outlets.

Livin' Ain't Enough!
album cover
Backed up by the superb and steady musicianship of Marc Twang's new band, The Usual Suspects, his latest CD delivers an unusual blend of soulful, wry, and folky expositions on the existential and romantic motifs of coping with, while trying to make changes in today's world. Don't miss this energetic, angry, yet playful musical ride constructed in the milieu of the concept album...an experience virtually non-existent in today's frenetic, download dominated, sound-bitten domains. A meticulously engineered live recording by Mr. Twang is brought to life through Derek Bianchi's studio savvy. This gem is available NOW at CD Baby. (Downloadable tracks at iTunes, Amazon, and many other digital outlets.)

Man in the Middle
album cover
'Man in The Middle' features a trio of vocalists, 'The Twangettes' carrying the ball in this sardonic commentary on the office of the presidency.

Come on Jesus!
album cover
Come on Jesus' tongue and cheek invocation for Jesus' return may not be so tongue and cheek...given the state of the union...and beyond!

Now available at CD Baby and other digital outlets!

World Where We Belong
album cover
The inevitability of age is given an upbeat, positive kick in Marc Twang's latest testament to reality.

Ten Twanstrumentals
album cover
The Ten Twangstrumentals offered on this new CD span almost 40 years of writing, producing and recording. 'Her Kauain Eyes' has been played on radio, and TV spots all over the world. Enjoy this wondrous journey covering musical images from oceans, Rivers, cats, insects, and even a Solar Train!

Two Songs
album cover
These two songs represent the wide spectrum of MarcTwang's political and theological bearings. From mystical contempt to the yearning for earthly transcendence, these recordings pretty much sum it up! Dont' miss them!

Just A Kid
album cover
Marc Twang digs deep into his repertoire to discover a discfull of kid's songs that he's written amidst his decades of dealings with adult themes and crises. Networking with some wonderful fledgling talent ranging from nine to eighteen years old, Twang puts together a pastiche of whimsical commentary and the usual wry wit. Although the twelve songs on this album are considered 'kid's music,' no grownup will want to miss out on the fun, and the perspectives presented by the six youngsters on this energized and captivating project.

Raw Twang
album cover
Marc Twang scrummages around the archives and comes up with this 9-track revisit of some of his most vulnerable, radical, and romantic days as a nomadic songwriter. These tunes (and a short commentary) give a fresh look at love, social chaos and zesty idealism. These rough-edged 'live' recordings offer a nice counterpoint to today's' impeccable techno-studio capabilities.

Big Vat
album cover
Marc Twang pulls no punches in this folk-beat-raga-rap indictment of our complacency, latency and endemic inertia dealing with impending global environmental catastrophe. A chorus of kids complements the tune with its generational implications .

Transplant Dude
album cover
Backed up on drums and bass by Heart-Lung Transplant Joyce Steinlauf, Marc Twang evokes the the day-to-day, visceral reality of living with a kidney transplant. After hearing this, one will realize that organ transplants are not as simple as replacing a water pump, or getting a valve job. Twang pulls no punches here, yet somehow stays on the sunny side of the street!

Days of Angst and Vinyl
album cover
In a visceral retrospective of his embryonic meanderings, Marc Twang takes us back almost 40 years to his young adult days when revolution and romance were the defining parameters of a time that set the stage for our contemporary conundrums. A Collectors Item!

Stayin' In Shape
album cover
Marc Twang segues into his new persona with his latest CD, featuring 7 new songs, 2 insturmentals, and a cover of the 1929 classic: “You Were Meant For Me.” Resurrecting the lost art of album artistry is Sue Levy’s dynamic graphic design. At only 10 dollars, this is a deal to be dealt with!


Twang pulls away from the mayhem and cacophony of modern life with this two-tune CD, paying homage to the great outdoors of the Oregon summer, finishing the foray with a wild ride down the Rogue River.

Hangin' on the Deck

A testament to the momentum of destruction and complacency that, if not reversed, will send the human race spiraling into catastrophe.

Over the Counter

Wry, tongue in cheek humor and satire zeroing in on the complacencies and hypocrisies of an alternative culture that seems more interested in self-congratulatory profits then in making real changes.


A Fresh look at the juxtaposition of idealism and the reality of trying to realize those ideals through the lenses of homelessness, technology, nostalgia and the ticking of the environmental time-bomb.

Just Another Day

Over a dozen new tunes from Spring of 2001.

The Car Song
DVD Video

This new DVD of The Car Song succintly captures the colorful montage of images, spirited score, and pithy lyrics that define this winner of the 2004 Berkeley Film Festival's: Grand Festival Award for BEST MUSIC VIDEO.

Smile, Guy
12 tunes featuring 40 musicians and back-up singers, sound effects and an unmistakable warning to a pseudo-civilization about to go down the Poop-Shute.

Original Folk (LP)
Produced by Marc Twang. Ten Singer-Songwriters of the 1980's performing their own compositions. An eclectic array of blues, Tex-Mex, cabaret, folk-burlesque and more.

The Revenge of
Marc Twang

The Revenge of Marc Twang: The pained (but youthful) writhing wrath of revolutionary disillusionment tempered by plaintive reflections and dadaistic digressions into satirical absurdity.

Orkney Serenade
12 solo, original acoustic pieces for guitar in the "Orkney" tuning.

Illegal Operation

This 10 minute, 2 song CD Single features the Cyber-Song Chorale backing up Marc Twang and his band in the "swing-showtune," Illegal Operation.

Marina Morning

This Twang CD single features a 12-string instrumental and a banjo- embellished, bluegrassy tribute to his late automobile.

The Late Great
Utopian State?

"The Late Great Utopian State?" is an interesting recollection of Twang's days growing up in a United Nations community during the 1950’s. An arrangement of a Shastakovich piece, that later became a popular U.N. hymn, rounds out the recording.

Feminist Complaint

Two wry and painfully honest looks at modern relationships complemented by the tongue-in-cheek accompaniment of Suzy Fox.

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