Description of: THE CAR SONG

from the album: "SMILE GUY"

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The Car Song is a 4-minute satirical montage of images relating to the presence of automobiles in our lives. The video takes place in modern-day San Francisco, but reaches back into the early 1900’s and other areas of the country as well. The images span a wide array of auto-related phenomenon…from repair, to congestion, to environmental intrusion.

The Car Song tells the story of young boy who goes to school, finds a job and grows up only to learn the meaning of life is to drive, repair, revere and ultimately question the ubiquitous, environmentally demeaning excess of so many cars permeating our visual and sensual fields of experience.

The music consists of: guitar, harmonica, vocal, bass, electric keyboard, drums, sound effects and a chorus.

Ó 1999 Marc Twang / Infini-Tune Productions

P.O. Box 9409 / Berkeley, Ca., 94709 / 1-510-967-4722