The Window

The 1%, 5% (whatever) have constructed a very clever window. It is a one way view. We are bombarded with the commercial manifestation of those values that characterize not only this inordinately powerful minority, but begin to mirror our own sensibilities, as well, whether we like it or not. The ‘window’ is a one-way view of what the media mongers want us to be...namely, inane consumers with happy-go-lucky, phoney presentations of ourselves, and the world we live in.

The overwhelming stupidity, nihilism and violence that we are subjected to in the name of entertainment becomes the normative expectation from a culture that just doesn’t know any better, and is not likely to, as the information regarding the reality of our sustainability is so corporately disseminated that we become obsessed with all the nonsense and pretenses to our putative well being.

Just check out the pyscho-sensibilities of our most popular "The View" and "American Idol."...etc.... total hysteria, punctuated by occasional intelligence and talent, but basically devoid of anything resembling a reality check on the devastatingly critical problems that we are not even beginning to truly solve!

Of course, there are enclaves of ‘spirituality’ and ‘sacredness’ that we construct, but there is no escape from the tentacles and consequences of the corporate beast behind that window. Ethical, and spiritual choices are fine and dandy, but ultimately, the one-way window must come down, and as with everything made of glass, it will be coming down with a way or another!

~Marc Twang


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