Out to The Woods

Dear Reader,

After returning from a glorious few days in the Oregon Mountains, in the midst of the nobility of the great Douglas Firs and a crystal clear natural lake, it is clear that I am not "out of the woods" yet, nor is it likely I will ever be. It is understandable that I have decided to return to the wondrous ways and means of this quintessentially tranquil environment.

My decision is based on an initial 24-hour period of re-entry into Bay Area so-called civilization. In that short window of experience, I have already counted 23 expletives, including 17 uses or permutations of the "F" word. Many of these admittedly came from my own inner voice, with an equal number emanating to (and from) the usual roadsters, rolling relentlessly and impatiently around in their various vehicular monstrosities....not to mention the stumbling, staggering array of lost souls, wandering about, mouthing off, (perhaps in tongues) to no one in particular.

Cell-phone, automotive issues, the usual harebrained, hustle and bustle, a bumper crop of useless mail and the same skeptical expressions of anticipatory cheer that comes along every four years with the stentorian promises that accompany a national election, have convinced me that it’s time to make my home in what’s left of nature’s real bounty.

Accordingly, I have worked out an arrangement with the many chipmunks who spiritedly inhabit the area. They, in concert with other foresting inhabitants, have agreed to supply all my needs for as long as I choose to co-habit with them by the scintillating waters of the adjoining lake. In return, I have agreed to make frequent forays back to civilization and return with a goodly array of nuts and seeds, all to be easily found and foraged at the many natural food outlets in our progressive cities. Honey-coated almonds are a particularly esteemed item, as well as roasted peas in Wasabi sauce.

Therefore, although I will no longer be a manifest member of society, I will be making many trips back to the Bay Area and other ‘pseudeully’ civilized enclaves of population to meet my obligation to the chipmunks and their extended families up in the serenity and sweetness of the Siskiyou mountains. So don’t be surprised if you see me attending or performing a show at Berkeley’s "Freight and Salvage Music Hall" or other similar venues on one of my jaunts back to the bay. If things go well, I may very well bring some of my new patrons along. Of course, I know you will welcome us in a manner in keeping with humanity’s celebrated treatment of dissimilar species. Tree

Well, off to the market now for supplies.

Marc (chip off the ol’munk)Twang



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