Activists Anonymous

Tired of tearing your hair out trying to save the world? Are you fed up with frustrating conversations with strangers, attempting in vain to change their point of view?

Are you bent out of shape by the complacency of your peers and overwhelmed by the tyranny and cacophony of the commercial world?

Then you’ll surely be interested in America’s latest support group - ACTIVISTS ANONYMOUS.

Originating in Berkeley California, the country’s most fertile enclave of dissent, and now nationally based, ACTIVISTS ANONYMOUS studies and meets with the world’s most renowned and failed agitators. In a carefully designed 12-step program, the consequences of trying to change the world are carefully examined and discussed. From social and economic ostracism to the historical tradition of crucifixion and torture, activists from Jesus Christ to the tin-pan-bands of the Salvation Army are canonized. and then ritualistically ignored. Confessed activists are encouraged to come out of the closet and renounce their frivolous pursuits.

Join this growing effort to achieve mutual respect and inner strength by doing -- NOTHING AT ALL!!!

*Call 1-800 IN-ACTIV, that’s 1-800 IN ACTIV.

*Those active enough to actually call this number are advised that the number has been


Marc Twang
P.O. Box 9409
Berkeley, CA 94709

For: The Jonathan Swift Society


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