Marc Twang
Over The Counter Revolution

Music and Lyrics by Marc Twang
1. Over-the-Counter Revolution (4:08)
2. California (3:10)
3. We Got Married (3:13)
4. TheFeministComplaint (3:40)
5. Beachcomber Blues (2:35)
6. Shared Housing (3:11)
7. Different Kind (1:43)
8. Running From Nothing (2:52)
9. Country Crock (3:23)
10. Deeper in Debt (3:50)
11. Beggar Breeze (3:17)
12. Cusp of Our Love (4:41)
13. Ted on Horse (3:04)
14. Yesterdays (3:14)
15. Maybe (3:30)
16. Quinessentia (2:32)

Performed by Marc Twang and the Existential Folk Ensemble

Produced by Marc Winokur and Derek Bianchi

Arranged by Marc Winokur, Derek Bianchi and the Existential Folk Ensemble

Recorded at Beat-Back Studios in Richmond, California and at MuscleTone Studios in Berkeley, California

All selections © 1997 Marc Winokur/Inner Groove Music (BMI)
P.O. Box 9409 Berkeley, CA 94709 Tel: 1-510-967-4722

The Existential Folk Ensemble
Marucs O'Realius:
Bill Belasco:
Kennan Shaw:
John Groves:
Derek Bianchi:
Jeremy Cohen:
Matt Eakle:
Dan Reiter:
Mara Fox:
Raine Eastman:
Neil Kaitner:
Vocals, 6&12 String Guitars, Harmonicas
Acoustic & Electric Fretless Bass
Electric, Acoustic, & Slide Guitar
Violin, Viola
Tamboura, Gungaroos & Kaytal

Much obliged to the "MUSCLELETTES":
Jessica Sweeney, Nicole Englund, Samantha & Susanah Scott

Thanks to: The Center for Independent Living and The Homemade Café in Berkeley, CA.

Photos by: Leslie Peery, Sasha Gottfried, Sue Levy and Marc Winokur