Marc Twang
Smile, Guy

Music and Lyrics by Marc Twang
1. Lovin' Baseball Blues (2:53)
2. Well Adjusted Man (3:10)
3. The Car Song (4:36)
4. Fish (2:22)
5. The Market Place of Love (4:41)
6. Can't Settle Down (3:27)
7. Smile, Guy (3:00)
8. Autumnal Circumstance (3:12)
9. Lookin' F0r Love (3:33)
10. Think About It (3:46)
11. Safe Sex (3:30)
12. Titanic (4:10)

Recorded at: Muscletone Studios (Berkeley, California), Bob Marcus Studios (Berkeley, California), and at Mark Dann Studios (Brooklyn, NY)

All selections © 1998 Marc Twang/Inner Groove Music (BMI)
P.O. Box 9409 Berkeley, CA 94709 Tel: 1-510-967-4722

Marc Twang

The Existential Folk Ensemble
Vocals, 6&12 String Guitars, Harmonica: Marc Twang
Percussion: Mark Smith, Dave Rokeach, Randy Odell and "Hal"
Keyboards: Scott Flemming, Dave Klotz, Howie Wyeth, R. Rayles
Bass: Derek Bianchi, Karl Chelette, Mark Dann, Carl Herder
Electric Guitars: Michael Wood, Dave Cohen, Derek Bianchi
Violin: Bobbie Nichols
Back-up Vocals: Marcia Manriquez, Suzanne Fox, Ellen Frankel, Bob Stanley, Rachel Mcgee, Jason & and the Safe-Sex-Car-Song Chorale

Thelma Lou Meltzer, Charles Norcia, Sasha Gottfried, Stephen Cooper, Larry Melnik, Micheel Kaitner, Bill Hyman, An Tuttle, Brandon Sheffield, Sue Levy, Max Michel and Wanda Warkentin