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Honey Pie & Me film still

Rat Race film still
A Multi-Media, Empirical, Social-Political Commentary.
Rain Dance film still
A meditative invocation composed and played with an imperative energy by guitarist Marc Twang.
Go Get It!! film still
Sing along with the lyrics! Featuring Marc Twang and The Usual Suspects.
Timefilm still
Marc Twang's secular prayer for humanity.

Titanicfilm still
Marc Twang performs his solo spin on the grand old ship that finds its metaphorical way back to the surface again and again!.... Recorded at a House Concert in Princeton N.J....October 1996

image of The Titanic steamship "Titanic Times." ...Listen to Marc Twang's 1992 4 minute talk on the environmental implications of The Titanic's collision course with reality.

Dog Day Afternoonfilm still
Marc Twang performs his wry social satire, 'Dog Day Afternoon'.... at The Freight and Salvage in Berkeley California.... on November 24th, 2009
Cascadeaway film still
Twang continues his quest for the counterpoint to civilization in this testament to the wonders of the Oregon summer.

Car Song film still
1998 satire about our obsession with automobiles.

California film still
A montage of song and images relating to the life in 'The Golden State.'
Marc Twang in Hawaii! film still
A short video memoir of Marc Twang's 2007 trip to Maui and Kauai.

Crayolafilm still
This 1983 video, choreographed by Michele Kaitner, features a youthful Marc Twang playing pantomine as an inebriated milkman.