This 1990 release is a satirical, somewhat angry, albeit reverent look at a society that is obsessed with time, but unable to come to grips with how little is left before it runs out. The album moves through personal looks at relationships, homelessness and fantasies about unaffordable vacations. In DIGITAL LOVE, the frenzy of high-tech communications and the search for companionship is earnestly addressed. There is a joyous instrumental featuring Twang's’ ribald harmonica ripping down the tracks of a SOLAR TRAIN. But the album’s main message and impact comes through in the last couple of songs... WHO GIVES A DAMN... a compelling double entendre decrying the difficulty in finding housing and opportunity for people without means, ultimately asking: "who’s to interpret the meaning of the man...’ who gives a damn?" This sets up the title track TIME where the ticking of a clock is eerily interspersed with wistful observations on the environmental time bomb.

Although Marc is clearly pained by the erosion of civilization and our apparent inability to do much about it, he keeps his wit alive as the album remains buoyant while delivering its perturbing but persuasive message.

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