The Late Great Utopian State?
Parkway Village was one of several housing communities built shortly after the United Nations was founded in 1945. Its main purpose was to accommodate the staff and delegates of the U.N. but not all residents were required to have an affiliation. Ours was one of dozens of American families fortunate enough to find housing in these modest garden apartments.
The "Village" was, and is still, endowed with natural green grounds, making for a social and child-friendly environment. When the weather was good, folks from all around the world would casually relax in their lawn chairs and just 'get along.' It was no big deal. Growing up with people from all over the world seemed unexceptional at the time, and it was only after moving out of the village that one realized how distinct and extraordinary it was.
In 1952, despite the McCarthy witch hunts and the Korean War, there was an exhilarating optimism that resonated around the country. WWII was over and the United Nations promised a new peaceful world, free from the horrors of the first part of the 20th century. Parkway Village embodied this energy. International Festivals and suppers brought an evervescent spirit to this unique enclave of the post-war world. The village, though not thriving with its original euphoric idealism, still harbors an international population and testament to its founding spirit.

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