Transplant Dude

I received a kidney transplant in October 2000 at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco. I was fortunate to have an excellent team of doctors, nurses, surgeons and support staff both during the years prior, and following the transplant. My nephrologist calculated the probable onset of kidney failure and the waiting time for an available kidney. Therefore, I was able to avoid dialysis, which is a much more demanding medical process. This recording is, in part, a thank you to the professional and conscientious care I continue to receive at East Bay Nephrology and California Pacific Medical Center.

As a performing songwriter for many years I thought it appropriate to shed some light on the experience. Generally speaking, transplantation, and its real-life ramifications, is not well understood by most people. The challenges can be daily, and daunting, yet the results can be more than rewarding for the nearly 30,000 annual recipients.

However, over 7,000 people in the United States alone die every year from the lack of donor organs, and nearly 100,000 are waiting, often in vain. Although some people withhold making this life-saving gift available for religious reasons, the crisis in donor availability is a sad testament to an apathetic public. Hopefully, this social-ethical inertia will soon reverse itself and enable thousands more to experience life, which at the present time is denied, due to ignorance and callous indifference.

Backing up my vocal and guitar, on drums and bass is heart-lung transplant recipient Joyce "Slimbo" Steinlauf. David Klotz is at the keyboards, while Derek Bianchi engineers.

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For information on donation contact:
  The National Transplant Society
  3149 Dundee Road, Suite 314
  Northbrook, IL 60062

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